chris3dman (chris3dman) wrote in oldsmobile,

My olds has been my baby since 1995

 Well you all will laugh....But my olds cutlass supreme 3.1 has been my baby since 1995!!!!
And is she worse now then, she was then? No!!! Not at all....She now
has over 150k miles, so not bad for a 90' All her exhaust parts gradually
got clogged and old....They are now replaced with a thunderbolt performance catalytic converter illegal in California ;) And I replaced the last rusted out dynomax with a new less prone to rust Big Max....She has a K&N under the hood. She will eat Hondas of all types for breakfast. My complaint, the damn paint...Crap now! So I want to paint it, but fear it will be a ghost soon.
She has some engine noise now. But seems very minor.
I'm thinking dark metallic to match the interior scheme, but still be modern. I have saved an average of 30,000 dollars owning this car for nearly 12 years. So do I complain????? Heck no! I would only have a Vette over this thing. I like it more then my old Camaro, and Mustang.... I think it was the
luxury when I first baught it used in 95 ;) Anyway. She's to fast now. I will get a ticket if I'm not careful. And the performance stuff equals wheel spin like crazy. Cops in VA have pulled me twice for that. So I need to add more meaty tires. Sucks...I love spinning out away from Ricers....  I want to get international panels for the car.
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