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1997 cutlass supreme sedan - tires ? [14 Aug 2008|03:00am]
well, it's time for a new set of tires and my first set for this car.   in your opinions, what is the best tire for this car ? - thanks for your help - brian 

update : so far research is leading me to michelin X radial - thoughts ? - thanks brian
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My olds has been my baby since 1995 [22 Sep 2007|12:47am]
 Well you all will laugh....But my olds cutlass supreme 3.1 has been my baby since 1995!!!!
And is she worse now then, she was then? No!!! Not at all....She now
has over 150k miles, so not bad for a 90' All her exhaust parts gradually
got clogged and old....They are now replaced with a thunderbolt performance catalytic converter illegal in California ;) And I replaced the last rusted out dynomax with a new less prone to rust Big Max....She has a K&N under the hood. She will eat Hondas of all types for breakfast. My complaint, the damn paint...Crap now! So I want to paint it, but fear it will be a ghost soon.
She has some engine noise now. But seems very minor.
I'm thinking dark metallic to match the interior scheme, but still be modern. I have saved an average of 30,000 dollars owning this car for nearly 12 years. So do I complain????? Heck no! I would only have a Vette over this thing. I like it more then my old Camaro, and Mustang.... I think it was the
luxury when I first baught it used in 95 ;) Anyway. She's to fast now. I will get a ticket if I'm not careful. And the performance stuff equals wheel spin like crazy. Cops in VA have pulled me twice for that. So I need to add more meaty tires. Sucks...I love spinning out away from Ricers....  I want to get international panels for the car.
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heater core! damn you! [01 Feb 2006|04:16pm]

I have a 98 oldsmobile achieva and the heater core has gone out 2 times in the last year. I was wondering if anyone has replaced a heater core themselves and how hard it was? I'm considering giving it a shot to save some cash.
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Here it is. [16 Oct 2005|08:22pm]

My 1997 Cutlass SupremeCollapse )

This is my 1997 Cutlass Supreme with 110,000 miles on it. It is the 3100 EFI (no dual exhaust like the 3.4 liters). As far as the engine mods I have Bosch spark plugs, a K&N cold air Filter, and Dynomax exhasut (had to make the exhaust hole bigger). When it comes to looks I have the stock rims wrapped in Goodyear Assurance tires (best tires ever), painted the front and back calipers red, 5% limo tint all around, sunstrip with "cutlass" across it, aftermarket antenna, and custom interior painted white (by me). And finally where I specialize the audio. I have 2 12" Audiobahn subwoofers powered by a 1000 watt class D Nitro Amp. My head unit is Pioneer and I have a 2 farad capicitor. It is fucking real loud in there. I also have a $200.00 Optima Yellowtop battery. The car has no rust and is basically mint.
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[04 Oct 2005|07:58pm]

OK. I'm in love with my 95 Achieva. This is my first car that I've ever owned and I recieved a great deal for it. But being how old it is and all the miles that were on it before hand, I travel a lot, things tend to wear down. I've spent about $2,000 on repairs for it.

Now it seems that it's starting to shake a lot and it almost feels like something is rubbing on the front right tire. I know nothing about cars but whenever I take it in for something to be fixed it costs about $200 more than what I thought it would. Can anyone just let me know if you've had the same problem or if you think you know what it is. I'd just like to know what I'm in for. I refuse to let this car go. I really will put as much into it as I have to. So if anyone can just give me a heads up on what I'm in for I'll be forever greatfull. Thank you.

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FOR SALE. [14 Jul 2005|10:10pm]

Yep. Selling car. Details are as follows:

Red 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue GL Sedan-4 door
Automatic. LEATHER INTERIOR!!!!! V6 3.8 Litre. Front Wheel Drive.
New engine installed recently, only 8,000 miles on it.
Condition: Good, ready to go!
Asking price: Seriously, make me an offer.
Features include:
Air Conditioning
Power Steering
Power Windows
Power Door Locks
Tilt Wheel
Cruise Control
AM/FM Stereo
ABS (4-Wheel)
Power Seats
Alloy Wheels
****Single compact disc player!!!!!!****

INTERESTED????? Call Megan or Michael @ 774-242-3143

Car is ready to be driven away.


Side note, desperately looking to buy a 442, anyone know of one or is selling one?
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[02 Feb 2005|12:14pm]

In May I purchased a 1979 Delta 88 for $700. It had 61,000 miles on it, a full tank of gas, and has a 350 Rocket in it. Only a few spots of rust on the bumper, and one missing trim ring. I think it was a good deal.

+3Collapse )
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[06 Sep 2004|07:59pm]

yep, i just recently bought a '80 cutlass supreme for 400
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Cutlass! [25 Aug 2004|03:48am]


I'm writing a novel, and there's a Cutlass in it. In fact, the Cutlass is quite important to the story. My problem is, I've never driven one, I've never even been inside one, haven't had a look under the hood or anything like that at all. There's one in my neighborhood, I'm totally in love with it, and it's from -75, but that's about all I know. :)

So this is directed to anyone who knows anything about Cutlasses: If you were to mention something, anything, about a Cutlass, what would it be?

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[17 Jun 2004|10:45pm]

Hi! I stumbled upon this community and it looked kind of dead. So I thought maybe I could spice it up! =) Anyway, I'm 17 and I LOVE my Oldsmobile. It's a white 2001 Alero. So far there have been no mods due to lack of funds but I'm working on it. The only things I have done to it are installing a great system (1200 watt Sony amp and two 12s) and removing those ugly stripes down the side. I think the greatest accomplishment thus far is when I reached 126 mph and beat a Civic TypeR a couple of months ago. Well anyways, just thought I'd introduce myself!
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hey there.... [23 May 2004|12:34am]

i have a 1988 Olds 98 Regency Brougham, just found the community, figured i'd join


those are the pictures pre-wreck, i have a new fender in the pait shop at the moment, and in search of a front bumper, then it'll be good as new again
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1992 Cutlass Supreme Headlights . . . [04 May 2004|01:21pm]

Wont turn on all of a sudden! I just got back from the junkyard with a new switch thinking that was it because I got some cleaner and vinyl dressing in there when i was detailing it out, but that wasnt it. Is there a fuse or relay somewhere that im missing?

its cool that someone made this community.. .ive had my cutlass since 2000 (first car) i still think its kinda ugly but we've been through A LOT and ive gotten kind of attatched.. heeh.
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[28 Mar 2004|02:22pm]

Anyone want to take over as moderator/owner of this community? I no longer have my Olds, don't forsee myself having one in the near future, and I'm trying to get rid of a bunch of my communities. Hit me with a comment if you'd like this community for your very own.
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Well hello there [16 Feb 2004|12:22pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

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[22 Nov 2003|07:49pm]

So I figure it's time for this community to have a real post. And I suppose I should supply that post since I'm the moderator and all. Here's my Olds in all her glory.


1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Series IV
3.1L V6
4-speed automatic
FWD (I know, I know)
Leather interior
Tinted windows
Alloy wheels
Digital dual-zone climate control
AM/FM/CD/Cassette w/6 speaker setup
Remote entry and trunk release
Fog lamps

I liked the car when I saw it. I fell in love with it when I drove it. It has the typical GM quirks such as a slightly leaky rear window and a non-functioning rear passenger side electric window. But she's got front seats like recliners, a back seat like a sofa, plenty of room all around. She's a joy to drive, especially on the highway, where she glides along like she's floating. I've heard people complain about the 3.1 being gutless, but it seems to pull that heavy car along just fine. It's fun racing Hondas and seeing the looks on the drivers' faces as my big huge Oldsmobile leaves their Hondas behind.

So, y'all.... Tell us about yours.
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Well, hey... [06 Oct 2003|08:21pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Is there room for another Oldsmobile lover? It's darn hard to find Olds fans on LJ, and well, after some searching I found myself here.

Just wanted a place to show off my baby, my first car and "partner" for ten years now, a 1971 Cutlass named Dragon Click! :)

My name is Kristina, btw. Nice to meetcha.

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[25 Aug 2003|07:26pm]

Hi, I'm kl8n, and I'll be your moderator. I started this community because I have a long running love of American cars, but for Oldsmobiles in particular. Especially from the muscle car era as well is the last of the rear-drive Cutlass coupes from the late 70s - late 80s. I recently bought my first Olds, a '96 Cutlass Supreme SL Series IV. I'll post pictures of that later. I doubt this community will get much attention, as Olds is a very underappreciated car brand. It is America's longest running car brand. The original Olds company was the first automobile company. Oldsmobile has introduced many other firsts in its history, including the first automatic transmission, the first front wheel drive production vehicle, and the first production vehicle with an side air bag.
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